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Meiri-Tunga farm

Meiri-Tunga is an old agricultural ground, which was first recorded in church books in 1332. Meiri-Tunga 1 is part of this old farm, which has been owned by the family of the owners of Farmer’s Guest House since 1847.

Farmer’s Guest House is located in South Iceland, 8 km to the west of Hella in the well-green territory. Below on this page you can see the farms residential at different times.

Farmer’s Guest house was founded in 2014 by its owners and also farmers of Meiri-Tunga 1, Valtyr Valtysson and Sigrun Björk Benediktsdottir. The tourism began by renovating the old farm house. Late in 2018, three new cabins were built and they came in operation in December 2018. In the future, it is expected to add 6 – 8 more cabins.